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1992 ASAS Aluminum, which is one of the leading aluminum extrusion companies in Turkey, started its manufacturing activities at its Gebze/ Izmit plant on 8.000 m˛ covered area.
Die Production Unit was established.

1993 Anodizing Facility ( Capacity 3.000 tons/ year ) started its production

1994 Powder Coating Facility (Capacity 6.000 tons/year) started its production.
1600 toned Youngstown Extrusion Press (Capacity 4.500 tons/year) started its production

1998 All production lines moved to the facilities in Akyazi/ Adapazari, which is established on 25.000 m˛ covered area.
3500 toned SMS Schloemann Extrusion Press (Capacity 12.000 tons/year) started its production.

1999 Mechanical Treatmentand Installation Lines started production in Aluminum facilities.

2000 1250 toned Mannesman Demag Extrusion Press (Capacity 5000 tons/year) started its production.
The capacity of anodizing facilities have been doubled with an additional investment and became 6.000 tons per year.
Die production capacity became 150 dies with additional investment.

Aluminum facilities have been established in Akyazi Adapazari on 500.000 m˛ land and 130.000 m˛ covered area. The annual capacity of Aluminum factory is 60.000 tons... Investments for most of the machinery and quality control instruments have been made in this time period. ASAS Aluminum is continuing its investments with an increasing rate.


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